San Gil

Adventure sports San Gil

San Gil

San Gil – Colombia

When you start reading about Colombia and travelling to Colombia you will surely come across San Gil.

A popular place with tourists and adventure sports enthusiasts this town has some thing for everyone.




San-Gil park

Park in San Gil

Boasting fantastic adventure sports like, rafting, paragliding, abseiling and an amazing park which provides an insight into the towns of the region of Santander.

The park is littered with these large trees with moss hanging from them which really gives you a jungle atmosphere and you really wouldn’t think you were in the middle of a town with a population of over 35,000.

Plant in the park of San Gil

Plant in the park of San Gil

A wonderful place to visit if you love nature and plants as there are a wide range to view and of course take pictures of.

Flower  in the of park San Gil

Flower in the of park San Gil

You will find plenty of gringo’s about town as it is a popular place for them to visit and generally station them selves there as it has so much to do.
Last time I was there I spoke to several Canadians  who loved the place so much they just didn’t get on their flight home and planned to stay and teach English.



rio fonse San Gil

rio fonse San Gil

I would place this in the best of Colombia as it offers an experience of the country you may find hard to beat else where.










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