Bogota Colombia

Bogota Colombia

Map of Colombia in the Bogota Museum

So if you are arriving to Colombia your most likly going to be flying into Bogota International airport.  Please do not expect a huge modern airport, although it is functional the airport is due to have an update which I believe they are working on currently.

Also please do not expect to recieve a welcome like the england U20 football team recieved recently when playing at the world cup there.

Yes it is very funny, I actually thought it was a really nice touch from the Colombia’s to welcome them but my wife (A Colombian) was not so impressed.

Bogota for me could possible be one of the worst places you will visit as a tourist to Colombia, this is not because it is a really bad place, it is mainly because all the other cities you will see are so much better.

Bogota is the Capital and offers the typical capital city experience of hustle and bustle and lots of traffic. There are some really nice places to see while there to experience Colombian culture, history and what the country really has to offer.

If you enjoy Bogota then you will love the rest of the country.

Monserrate Colombia

Church at the top of Monserrate

Behind Bogota is a mountain called Monserrate which is worth a visit. You can either walk up it which is a bit  of a pilgrimage for some or if you don’t fancy that you can take the cable car/tram up to the top.




Tram Monserrate Bogota

Tram for Monserrate

There is a church, a Market and a small resturante at the top so don’t be thinking you will climb all the way to the top for nothing.

The views across the city cannot be beaten so I would highly recommend this half day trip.

Picture of Bogota

View of bogota

Other nice places to see is the museum de oro, the Colombia Musuem as well as Plaza Bolivar. Of course lets not forget the museum of Botero, If you are not into your art and don’t know who he is, he is the person who paints everything fat. Fat horses, hands and of course a fat Monalisa.

Plaza Bolivar

Plaza Bolivar in the center of Bogota

Fat hand by Botero

Fat hand by Botero

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