Baru beach

One of the private beaches in Baru


Also known as Baru island is not actually an Island as such, more of a spit, a natural extension to the mainland. You can see easier on the map below.





As you can see it is not quite a island but remote enough to give you that impression.

I have put Baru into my “best of Colombia” as this really is a spectacular place which gives you amazing scenery, plenty of Luxury, white sandybeaches with a beautiful blue sea and a Caribbean feel.

Twilight at one of the pools in Baru

Twilight at one of the pools in Baru

Baru has only one Hotel which when I was there was only a few years old (2011) so it was very modern boasting very nice rooms, pool areas, private beach and a very large variety of food.

This is a place to relax and top your tan up or if you fancy you can take part in beach volley ball, kayaking, sailing, water polo and more all provided for free.

Massage area  isla Baru

Massage area baru

The trip to Baru was a great addition to a Holiday for my family who had flown over for my Wedding. They were able to relax after a busy week of meeting family, Wedding planning, party’s etc. It was also great that my nephew that’s is a bit of a funny eater had plenty he did like to keep him fed and watered for the 4 days we were there.

This really is a fantastic place to go with it’s caribbean feel and luxury but be warned there is no town to go an explore and getting there is a real pain. Several hours on a bus from Cartagena will certainly make your beach bar drink taste all that much better.

Sun setting in Baru

Sun setting in Baru

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